Torn ACL Prevention and Recovery

Full Body Strength Training


There are many approaches to achieving functional full-body strength improvement, and you need to choose what works for you. Of course, if you are part of an organized team, you will probably have a strength and conditioning program already laid out for you. Even in those cases, you can supplement your sport-specific training with training that strengthens your entire body.

Steer away from bodybuilding programs that are designed more for vanity than for developing athletic, functional strength. It is particularly important that any program you choose aim to develop strength in your core, which is the ring of muscles that ring your lower torso (some consider the gluteals to be a part of the core as well).Though it doesn’t sound terribly intuitive, core strength is absolutely essential for knee health. Movement begins in your core, and that part of your musculoskeletal system is largely responsible for your being able to maintain or regain stability.

Also–and this is often easier said than done–be sure that whatever plan you pursue is doable. That’s often determined by the amount of time, frequency of workouts and equipment required.

Three programs that take different, but equally effective, approaches to full body–including core–strength training.

"Core Performance" is a great program for athletes. It is designed to improve strength, focusing of course on the core, but also working all the major muscle groups in the body. Core Performance also guides the athlete in improving movement skills, agility and flexibility.

The "Classical Pilates" DVD is a faithful presentation of Joseph Pilates’ original mat routines that are absolutely unrivaled in strengthening the core, primarily, and the rest of the body as well.

Finally, "Turbulence Training" is really an all-in-one strength and nutrition program that fits our requirement to be doable: real gains in strength and fat loss–both valuable for preventing or recovering from a torn ACL–are realized through three 45 minute training sessions per week. This program lays out routines for use with the dumbbell and bench setup that recommends as a basic home gym. It also details bodyweight exercises for use when even minimal equipment isn’t available.

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Turbulence Training Turbulence Training: Time efficient, research-proven workouts that boost muscle growth and blowtorch body fat